Wow wow wow - new research highlighting the amazingness and wondrous diversity in the human microbiome!
It's estimated that there are one billion trillion stars in the observable universe.
And guess what? New research finds that "there may be more genes in the collective human microbiome than stars in the observable universe".
And even more amazing. Half of the microbial genes appear to be unique to each individual.
Wow. And even more amazing.
That individual uniqueness is transferred from mother to baby with vaginal birth, skin-to-skin and exclusive breastfeeding.
That's why it is so important to do what we can to protect and preserve the microbiome during pregnancy, birth and infant feeding.

Highlights from the study published by Tierney TE at al, Cell Host and Microbe, August 14th 2019:

  • Cross-study meta-analysis of metagenomes covering 3,655 samples from two body sites
  • Meta-analysis uncovers staggering microbial gene diversity
  • 50% of all genes in a metagenomic sample are individual-specific or “singletons”
  • Individual’s microbiomes can be fingerprinted via rare microbial strains

Easy-to-understand article on Microbial Fingerprinting by Havard Medical School explaining the new research:

Research paper published by Tierney BT et al, Cell Host & Microbe, August 14th 2019:

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