Oooh - this is interesting. An immunologist is looking at whether the antibodies in breast milk could be a possible treatment for the coronavirus.

According to this article in the Business Insider, human milk immunologist Rebecca Powell has been collecting breast milk from mothers who survived coronavirus - the antibodies found in breast milk are more durable than the ones found in blood as they survive an infant's gut to help block infections.

"Rebecca first studied the transmission of HIV through breast milk. That led her to study it for the flu, and now the coronavirus. So far, 80% of the survivors she's tested had coronavirus antibodies in their breast milk."

As the article notes:

- Having antibodies in breast milk does not guarantee immunity against the coronavirus for children.

- And if the antibodies in breast milk do provide a level of antibody immunity, researchers aren't sure how long that antibody immunity might last

Link to the article in Business Insider: