Wow. An amazing idea! To collect breast milk full of protective antibodies from 7,500 women who had the Coronavirus. Then to turn their breast milk into pear-flavoured ice-cream. Then to feed the ice-cream to the elderly and those in poor health to help protect them against the virus.

“The antibodies appear to be in breast milk even longer than we thought, even up to six months after the infection. That is very good news" says Hans van Goudoever, of the Emma Children’s Hospital, part of Amsterdam UMC.

Once 100ml of breast milk are collected from each woman, the scientists will try to turn the breast milk into flavoured ice-cream. Pear flavour is a favourite with the testers.

“We still don’t know whether it actually works, it requires practical experience. We think that after drinking the milk, the antibodies attach to the surface of our mucous membranes. There they attack the virus particles before they enter the body any further" says van Goudoever.

If it works, the breast milk ice-cream could then be fed to the elderly every day for a few weeks as a preventative medicine.

Easy-to-understand article explaining the project: