Fascinating, but not so easy-to-read for non-scientists like me - but useful to know about the workings of the brain!

New research highlights the role gut bacteria could play in Alzheimer's disease, together with inflammation and the increase in numbers of amyloid plaques in the brain.

For those who might not know (I had to Google it!): Amyloid plaques are hard, insoluble accumulations of misfolded proteins that form in the spaces between nerve cells (neurons) in the brains of those with Alzheimer's disease. The amyloid plaques first develop in areas of the brain connected with memory and other cognitive functions.


Recent research has linked the gut microbiome to an increasing number of neurological conditions, including Alzheimer's.

Now new research coming from an international research team were looking to answer one question: could inflammation in the blood be a mediator between the gut microbes and the brain?

The scientists found gut microbes could be related to the onset of Alzheimer's, and that shifts in the diversity of microbes are connected to inflammation and to heightened numbers of amyloid plaques in the brain.

Apparently, these are some of the hallmarks of Alzheimer's or as the press release expresses it, these "are at the origin of the neurodegenerative disorders characteristic of Alzheimer's disease"

What strikes me is the use of the word "indisputable" - you don't often see this word in a press release about scientific papers!

“Our results are indisputable: certain bacterial products of the intestinal microbiota are correlated with the quantity of amyloid plaques in the brain,” explains Moira Marizzoni first author of the study. “Indeed, high blood levels of lipopolysaccharides and certain short-chain fatty acids (acetate and valerate) were associated with both large amyloid deposits in the brain. Conversely, high levels of another short-chain fatty acid, butyrate, were associated with less amyloid pathology.”


Easy to understand article in New Atlas:>>> https://newatlas.com/medical/study-indisputable-link-alzheimers-gut-microbiome/

Press release from the University of Geneva: >>> https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2020-11/udg-lba111320.php

Link to paper:>>>Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.