Who doesn't love a rainbow of colour?

And who doesn't love a rainbow of different coloured bacteria?

I simply love this blog-post and colourful microbiome-related project by microbiologist Anne A. Madden Ph.D.

The Microbe Crayon Project reveals and celebrates the colours of the microbial world by giving a microbiome-make-over to a set of brightly coloured crayons.

"The microbes around us naturally produce a rainbow of colors. To display this with some whimsy, I gave a set of 48 Crayola(R) brand crayons a make-over, relabeling them with the microbes that create this biological palette.

Below are the 48 microbes, including the fungi, bacteria, and archaea with a bit of information on how we interact with them, and links to their natural colors. This is just a glimpse into the microbes that make our world colorful."

On the blog-post, you can see all the different crayons with their adapted microbe names, plus the microbes and their natural pigments, and you can explore each crayon microbes in more detail.

It's a brilliant way to use the power of colour to spread awareness about the microbial world. I love it!

What do you think?



Link to blog-post: Microbe Crayon Project – Anne A. Madden, Ph.D (wordpress.com)


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