The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted health systems worldwide. It has also taken a heavy toll on the health and wellbeing of maternity health professionals around the world.

In a global survey of 1120 neonatal healthcare providers, more than 85% of health personnel feared for their own health and 89% had increased stress from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The study was published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) Global Health.

The study:

Rao S.P.N. et al. (March 2021) collected data from 1120 neonatal healthcare providers from 62 countries (mainly low and middle-income countries)

The responses included information on COVID-19 preparedness, effects on health personnel and on newborn care services including kangaroo mother care (KMC).

The results:

In terms of the impacy of COVID-!9 on health personnel:

  • Preparedness for COVID-19 was suboptimal in terms of guidelines and availability of personal protective equipment.
  • Around 1/3 reported routine testing of all pregnant women
  • 13% had no testing capacity at all
  • More than 85% of health personnel feared for their own health
  • 89% had increased stress.

In terms of the care of infants:

  • More than half reported that evidence-based interventions such as KMC were discontinued or discouraged.
  • Separation of the mother-baby dyad was reported for both COVID-positive mothers (50%) and those with unknown status (16%).
  • Follow-up care was disrupted primarily due to families' fear of visiting hospitals (~73%).


To quote from the paper: "Newborn care providers are stressed and there is lack clarity and guidelines regarding care of small newborns during the pandemic. There is an urgent need to protect life-saving interventions, such as KMC, threatened by the pandemic, and to be ready to recover and build back better. "

If you are a neonatal healthcare provider, is this your experience too?

Did you feel more stressed? Or did you fear for your own health due to COVID-19?


Articles and research links:

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