Whenever I give talks at conferences or Q&A’s at film screenings, the no.1 subject I am always asked about is group B Strep (GBS).

I never felt 100% confident answering questions on group B Strep because it is a difficult, nuanced challenging subject. I wasn’t fully up to date with the latest research, and I didn’t know how to navigate the complex maze of national clinical guidelines.

My reaction to not feeling confident was to delve deep into the research. For the past 12 months, I’ve read hundreds of scientific papers and I’ve travelled across the world to interview 5 of the world’s leading experts on group B Strep. These experts hail from the UK, Canada and United States of America.

And now I am on a mission to share their knowledge with you. I want you to be fully up-to-speed with the latest evidence based research on group B Strep, especially as this information can be life-saving. As you probably already know, 1 in 4 women are colonised by GBS in pregnancy and group B Strep is the leading cause of serious infection in newborn infants.

And that's why we have created a new online course called Group B Strep (GBS) Online Course featuring 5 world-leading experts on group B Strep.

We want to make our new Group B Strep (GBS) Online Course accessible and affordable by all health professionals.And that's why we're doing a special offer.

Until the end of February 2019, you can choose what you pay for the course, which means the price is from GBP £30 / USD $40 / AUD $55 for up to 11 CE credits.

As a suggested guide for the full course (approved for up to 11 CE credits):

GBP £ Unwaged / Student Midwife £30 Low wage £45 Higher earner £90

USD $ Unwaged / Student Midwife $40 Low wage $60 Higher earner $120

AUD $ Unwaged /Student Midwife $55 Low wage $82 Higher earner $165

This is one-off price. There are no recurring fees. There are no catches. There are no deadlines to complete the course, and so you can claim your CE credits whenever you need them.

The Group B Strep (GBS) Online Course is evidence-based, it features 5 world-leading GBS experts, it's easy-to-understand and there are no deadline to complete the course. And it has been approved for:

  • 10.5 CERPS (IBLCE)
  • 10 HOURS or 1.0 CEU (MEAC)

I am really proud of this course. I hope it will help many health professionals understand the latest research about the infant microbiome, so that they can feel more confident answering questions from parents, all to help empower parents with full informed choice.

Here's a link to find our more about the course: