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Spend just 1 hour a day, 5 days a week for 6 weeks.

Without stress. Using all free tools.



❤️ Daily step-by-step coaching and daily tasks to get your first online course finally up and running in 6 weeks.

❤️ With 30+ worksheets and 50+ instructional videos, you'll be shown exactly what you need to do!

❤️ Plus super-powerful bonus trainings on how to successfully launch your course on auto-pilot - so you can start earning money while you sleep!

Let's do this.

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Is this you?

Are you passionate about birth and breastfeeding?

Ideally, you want to create something that helps people, that generates income, but that runs itself - so you can spend more time doing what you love!

Are you super-busy and don't have much time?

On the 6 Week Challenge, you build a mighty min-course by spending ONE hour a day, 5 days a week for 6 weeks. Wooohoooo!

Do you want to create a course using all FREE tools?

Yes - it is possible. I will show you how to make your first online course using ALL FREE TOOLS. I'll show you how to do it WITHOUT needing expensive platform fees!

Great! I can help you!

Here is a short video (featuring me) explaining about the key element of this coaching programme - the 6 Week Challenge.

Hey there

- I'm Toni Harman

Over the past four years, I've sold over 5,000 online courses.

✅ On a VERY niche subject

✅ Starting from scratch

✅ WITHOUT being particularly tech-savvy

Let me show you how I did it, so you can do it too!


👉 6 Week Challenge

➡️ Follow the exact steps I took to sell 5,000 online courses on birth and breastfeeding (I'll show you how, so you can do it too!)

➡️ This is a self-study step-by-step coaching programme aimed at birth/breastfeeding professionals.

➡️ You'll be following the unique BUILD A BUSINESS YOURSELF (BABY STEPS) Method - where you build your course step-by-step doing one small task a day. Each daily task should take about 60 mins a day to complete, for 6 weeks.

➡️ The go-at-your-own pace mode of working is perfect for those who love to learn independently - but who might need a little bit of extra support if you get stuck!

➡️ I want to help you share your knowledge about birth and breastfeeding - so you can help more people!

Why am I doing this?

Creating an online course is not easy on your own.

✅ It took me a whole year to make my first course. I muddled through on my own, but I was out of my depth. I felt lost and confused.

I really needed someone to hold my hand and show me exactly what to do. That's why I created this step-by-step coaching programme to do just that!

I created the BUILD A BUSINESS YOURSELF (BABY STEPS) Method - a way to create an online course in small simple "do-able" chunks.

Each chunk to build your course is a daily task - which should take about 60 mins to complete.

With instructional videos and templates, I'll show you exactly what to do every step of the process

And even better - I'll show you how to do it all using completely free tools and free platforms! Wooohoooo!

Start today!

On the 6 Week Challenge, you can build your first online course, which will become the cornerstone of your business by spending:

Just ONE hour a day

For FIVE days a week

For SIX weeks

✅ You will be using all FREE tools!

If you follow the step-by-step process, in 6 weeks (or sooner) you'll be launching your first online course!

Want to get started today?

Special launch price is USD $297 + tax

You'll have instant access to the coaching programme,

all the video tutorials, worksheets & bonuses!

Hurry! There are only 30 spots available for super-motivated action-taking individuals.

Once those 0 spots are filled, enrollment will close!

This is for you if...

You love your job, but you would love to earn a bit more money!

You don't have much free time. Great! You just need 1 hour a day for 6 weeks!

Maybe you tried making a course before - but never finished it. This time I'll be holding your hand!

By joining this programme, you will:

➡️ DISCOVER: You will identify a great course topic that excites you, and that people will want to buy!

➡️ VALIDATE: You will learn how to validate your course idea so that you can build it knowing that people will want to buy it when it's ready.

➡️ AVOID: You will avoid all the pitfalls of creating online business, because you will have a clear roadmap to get your course built and successfully launched so you can make money while you sleep!

➡️ DESIGN: You will design and build a course that is highly engaging for your students.

➡️ OVERCOME: You will overcome any tech-phobia as you will learn how to use the latest tools and software available for free, including how to create visual slidedecks, record video, create a quiz and more!

➡️ TRANSFORM: Instead of thinking "I wish I could make have a successful online business" - by the end of this programme, you will be successful course creator! Woooohoooo!

Ready to START?

What are the features of the

BABY STEPS Coaching programme?

6 Week Challenge
You will have immediate access to the 6 Week Challenge which follows the BUILD A BUSINESS YOURSELF (BABY STEPS) METHOD. This is a unique coaching system to help you build your first online course in "baby steps" chunks - so you don't get overwhelmed and you keep making progress.

Make Progress with Daily Tasks
Every day for 5 days a week for 6 weeks, you'll have daily do-able tasks that will take about 60 mins a day. If you complete all the tasks, in 6 weeks you will be launching your first online course starting from scratch. If you choose, you can rush through all the tasks in just a few days - so you can launch your course even sooner!

Priority Email Access & Full Support
You will have priority access to me, Toni Harman, so you can be reassured that you will have full support. If you have any questions, or you get stuck on something, shoot me a message and I'll aim to respond within 24 hours!

6 Week Challenge Schedule

➡️ You will work out your ideal customer, the problem you are solving and your unique solution.
➡️ You will leave with a template that you can use again and again to validate your course idea.

Plan your mouth-watering offer
➡️ You will map out the actual content of your course – the sections & lessons.
➡️ You will leave with the secret formula which you can personalise to build a successful course curriculum.

Create your sizzling content
➡️ You will create the slidedecks, videos, PDF handouts, certificates, quizzes etc - using all FREE tools.
➡️ You can use these skills and free tools again and again, enabling you to get on a roll to build more and more courses!

Build your tasty structure
➡️ You will build the framework, uploading the content and building a sales page.
➡️ You'll overcome any anxieties with tech because you will be shown exactly what to do, how to it and when to do it.

Publish your sumptuous course
➡️ You will learn how to publish your lessons, modules, course and your own online school. You will learn how to collect payments, and how to set up a high-converting sales page.
➡️ These skills are invaluable and can be used again and again for all your future courses.

Launch your fabulous first online course!
➡️ You will learn rock-solid strategies to promote your course to make sales 24/7 365 days a year.
➡️ You will walk away with templates to promote your course on social media and other marketing channels.

Course Curriculum for the Build Your First Online Course - 6 Week Challenge

Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
  WEEK 1 - Available Now!
Available in days
days after you enroll
  WEEK 2 - Available Now!
Available in days
days after you enroll
  WEEK 3 - Available Now!
Available in days
days after you enroll
  WEEK 4 - Available Now
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
  WEEK 5 - Available Now
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
  WEEK 6
Available in days
days after you enroll
  BONUS TRAININGS - To help you get your online programmes launched!
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll

Does it work?

In the summer of 2021, 30 birth and breastfeeding professionals and educators took the pilot of the 6 Week Challenge.

Want to know how they got on?

What do people think?

Here are some testimonials from some of the first group cohort of 30 course creators. Recorded on a group Zoom call.

But wait..... If you join today, you'll also receive these 4 super-amazing bonuses!

Includes 4 Super-Amazing Bonuses

(worth USD $1,988)

Bonus #1:

Quick Start Templates & Swipe Copy Pack to save you tons of time.

VALUE $397

Bonus #2

Access to Private Community – to keep you accountable. This is a private group - providing support and accountability so you don't quit until your course is finished.

VALUE $297

Bonus #3

Step-by-step checklist - outlining every task so you have a roadmap showing you exactly what you have to do.

VALUE $297

Bonus #4

Bonus Video Trainings: 3 video trainings are available instantly.
1. How to launch your mini-course with a live event.
2. How to create a free lead magnet.
3. How to turn a mini-course into a small but mighty online business.

VALUE $997


Value of 6 week Challenge $997

Value of 4 Super-Amazing Bonuses $1,988

Special discount - yours TODAY for just

USD $297 + tax (one-time payment)

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Want a year's worth of step-by-step business coaching including the 6 Week Challenge:

Value is USD $2,985.

For a limited time, a special launch price!

One-time payment of USD $297 + tax

When you enroll, you'll have instant access to the coaching programme.
Plus all the video tutorials, worksheets & bonuses!

Hurry! There are only 30 spots available for super-motivated action-taking individuals.

Once those 30 spots are filled, enrollment will close!

👉 What courses have I sold?

  • Over 2,900 courses SOLD
  • Featuring 11 professors
  • Approved for 9 CPD HOUR (ACM)
  • & 9 CERPs (IBLCE)
  • Over 1,000 courses SOLD
  • Featuring 7 professors
  • Approved for 17 CPD HOURs (ACM)
  • & 17 L-CERPs (IBLCE)
10 Hour course: GROUP B STREP (GBS)
  • Over 1,300 courses SOLD
  • Featuring 5 GBS Experts
  • Approved for 10 CPD HOUR (ACM)
  • & 10 CERPs (IBLCE)

👉What exactly is the BABY STEPS Method?

The 6 Week Challenge uses the Build A Business Yourself (BABY STEPS) Coaching Method. This is a unique step-by-step programme I created.

👉 Build Your First Online Course - 6 Week Challenge

👉 All you need is 60 mins a day, 5 days a week for 6 weeks.

👉 You'll learn how to plan, create, build and launch a course in 6 weeks.

👉 You'll learn how to do the whole thing through small do-able "baby steps" chunks.

👉 You don't have to stick to the 6 week framework. You can work to your own pace. If you miss a few days, don't worry, you can catch up. You can even do a week's worth of tasks all in one day!

By the end of the 6 weeks - you'll have planned, created, built and launched your first online course - by spending around 60 mins a day!

👉 Do you have other questions?

FAQ: Build Your First Online Course - Coaching Programme


When is the deadline to join?

There is no specific deadline to join. You can join at anytime. However, I am going to limit the next intake to 30 people before I close the doors to enrollment. Limiting the number to 30 people means I can give lots of support to those actively creating their course. When enrollment opens again, the price is likely to go up!


How many spots are available?

I have a set a figure of 30 super-motivated action-taking course-creators to be working through the programme at any one time - this allows me to fully support those 30 people through this programme.


When does the coaching start?

From whenever you enroll. There is no start date. Remember, this is a self-paced self-guided programme so you can work through it all at your own pace. If you follow the 6 Week Challenge schedule and spend around an hour a day, in 6 weeks you will be launching your first online course!


What if I can't commit to spending 60 mins a day for 6 weeks?

Don't worry. You can work at your own pace. You can catch up with several day's worth of tasks - all on one day. You could even complete the whole challenge in 6 days (dedicate a day each week to do a whole week's worth of tasks!) You could even miss a week and catch up two week's worth of tasks in 2 days! But if this timing doesn't work for your schedule, then simply work to whatever suits your schedule - you'll have access to the content for a whole year.


What if I enroll but then don't start making the course?

As soon as you pay, you have immediate access to all the challenge content and the bonus trainings. You can start the challenge whenever you like, according to your own schedule. You will have access to the content for a whole year.


Is it go-at-your-own pace?

The 6 week challenge is go-at-your-pace and the content for all 6 weeks is available from Day One. You can take longer than 6 weeks to complete the daily tasks and to build your course. You can also race through each week's content and complete your first online course in days!


What tech do I need?

You need a laptop/computer, webcam (or camera/phone you can use to record videos) and a microphone. You'll be shown how to free tools to build your course. Some of these tools have a premium version which you can choose to use. For example, Zoom (free for 40 mins), Google (Google drive, Google forms, Google docs, Google slides etc), and Teachable free plan.


How long do I have access?

You have unlimited access to all the content for 365 days. During the year, you can take the 6 Week Challenge as many times as you like - so you can launch as many courses or other digital offers as many times as you like!


What type of course can I create?

You will be shown how to build a simple short course on a teaching platform of your choice (for example, we use Teachable, but you can choose whichever platform to host your course). The content of your own course is up to you, but over the 6 weeks, you will learn how to create an onboarding sequence, slidedecks, PDF downloads, videos, quizzes, certificates of completion, evaluations, live group calls, interactive forms, discussion forums, plus all the marketing tools you need to successfully launch and scale your course.


Can I create a more complex course?

Of course! By completing the 6 week challenge, you will learn the skills to make a simple course, but you can of course make a more complex course - which includes more content (but this will take longer than 60 minutes a day). You will also learn the skills to create additional create "sister" courses to build a slate of complimentary courses that you can sell to build your business.


Can I make a course for parents or health professionals?

You can make a course for whomever you like! You can make a course for parents, for other health professionals, for business people, or anyone else.


What if I don't know what course to make?

You can make a course on anything - you just need to know a bit more on that one particular thing than someone else to teach it! Could be a personal skill, a business skill, a family skill, a hobby. It needs to be something that you are passionate about and that you want to spend 6 weeks of your time creating a course about!


Can I copy some of the content from someone else's course?

No. The content you create needs to be UNIQUE and not have any COPYRIGHT or INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY issues - that means it can't be copied from someone else, or "stolen" from someone else's course as this could land you in legal trouble.


What's the catch?
Well, there is no catch. We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee, so if you buy and don't like it, we will refund you.


I'm on a low-wage. Can I pay less?

No. Sorry. In the future, I am hoping to offer scholarships and discounts for people to take this Challenge who are on a low-wage - but this is not available at present.


Can I pay in a different currency?

Yes. You can pay in different currencies via Paypal - as long as Paypal supports that currency. To do this, simply contact us using this form and state your preferred currency. We'll then send you a Paypal payment link. As soon as we receive payment, we'll manually enroll you in the challenge:


Is there a guarantee?

Yes, we offer a no-questions asked 30 day money-back guarantee. If you purchase the programme and change your mind within 30 days, we will give you a full refund. Simply contact us


Why are you doing this?

I’m looking for super-motivated people who want to build their first online course - following a simple step-by-step system but working independently. My deep desire is to help more birth and breastfeeding professionals become more financially sustainable - and passive income from an automated online course is a great way to become more financially sustainable. I believe the more financially sustainable someone is, the more people they can help.


What's your vision?

I have a vision of gentle and kind 'world domination.' I believe if more birth/breastfeeding professionals shared their wisdom with more people (by launching their first online course), more people will have better experiences of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. If this happens, the world could be a better place!


Any more questions?

If you have any more questions, simply contact us at

Want to get started today?


Value of 6 week Challenge $997

Value of 4 Super-Amazing Bonuses $1,988

For a limited time, grab our special launch price

One-time payment: USD $297 + tax


  • This is a paid business coaching programme to help you build an online course, and turn it into an automated online business.
  • It is intended to give you positive actionable steps to create and launch a digital course.
  • The results of creating and launching a digital course are not typical and are not guaranteed.
  • In fact, a lot of hard work is involved in creating a course and automating your business.
  • The content of this website is provided for information purposes only.