Hey there - I'm Toni Harman.

I am on a mission to change the health

of the next generation.

Want to join me?

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My Story

13 years ago, I was pregnant and wanted to make all the best choices for my child. 

To fully prepare myself, I took not one but TWO different childbirth education classes, and a separate breastfeeding class.

I planned a home birth and wanted to exclusively breastfeed.

Instead, I ended up having an emergency C-section, struggled to breastfeed, and ended up "topping up" with infant formula.

I landed so far from my birth and breastfeeding plan. I kept asking myself….


What happened next?

Questions about what might be missing from childbirth and lactation education sent my partner, Alex Wakeford and I, on a 10 year journey around the world.

Over the past decade, we have interviewed hundreds of different experts to find a 'missing piece' - something to help fully inform all parents.

Interviews with leading scientists and other experts led us to make our award-winning documentary MICROBIRTH

Featuring leading professors from top universities, we are so proud that our film MICROBIRTH,
has been broadcast around the world, and has had over 1,000 public screenings.

Not just that. MICROBIRTH has won
several science film festivals.

To provide continuing education about the infant microbiome for health professionals, we founded an online school (MICROBIOME COURSES) - now with over 34,000 enrolled members.

Now we believe we have found

the 'missing piece'....


What is this 'missing piece'?

All expectant parents need to know about the microscopic events happening during birth and breastfeeding.

These events have the potential to impact
a child's lifelong health.

We call this the infant microbiome.


What is the infant microbiome?

VERY SIMPLY: Vaginal birth transfers the birth parent's beneficial vaginal, gut and skin microbes to the baby.

Special sugars in breast milk feed those beneficial microbes newly arrived in the baby's gut.

This "seed and feed" process helps optimally train the infant immune system.

This can help protect a baby for life.

But there is so much more to explain....

This is essential knowledge that can TRULY

empower ALL parents - whether a baby is born

by C-section or by vaginal birth.

This is why we have created....

MICROBIRTH Approved Educator Programme

YOU can become a MICROBIRTH

Approved Educator

This is an evidence-based TOOLKIT & FULL TRAINING to help YOU teach this 'missing piece' to expectant and new parents.


Become a MICROBIRTH Approved Educator

Pricing Options to join now

Includes access to the Microbiome Foundation Course, Assessment, Toolkit, Full Training, Marketing Materials, License, Badge and Website Listing. You can cancel anytime.


Childbirth educators, doulas, midwives, hypnobirthing instructors, lactation educators & anyone passionate about birth and breastfeeding


YOU WANT something new, fresh, unbiased and evidence-based to teach expectant parents.

YOU WANT to play a key role in changing the health of the next generation.

YOU WANT a step-to-step path to help YOU create a sustainable business.


Join us to become a


- Approved Educator!

With our SIMPLE 4 STEP system, you can be teaching
science to parents within weeks!

What is the

MICROBIRTH Approved Educator


This is a ready-made evidence-based
to teach parents how birth and breastfeeding may impact a child's lifelong health.

This is a simple FOUR STEP PROGRAMME giving you everything you need to teach parents about the microscopic events happening during pregnancy, labour, vaginal birth, C-section, immediate skin-to-skin contact, breastfeeding and early infancy.


MICROBIRTH Approved Educator

FOUR Steps To Success!

What to expect

for Step 1:

Foundation Course

You're going to fully understand the science of the infant microbiome by taking our 5 hour accredited online course.

You will be learning from 11 top University professors:


And you can earn 5 HOURS CPD / CE

What to expect

for Step 2:


You're going to have your knowledge assessed by taking a 90 question graded assessment.

If you pass, you'll qualify as a Microbiome Baby Approved Instructor!

What to expect

for Step 3:


You're going to have access to all the tools and resources included in our TOOLKIT.

Evidence-based slidedecks, 15 minute "Plug and Play" video, 18 info sheets, animated videos, infographics, parent engagement tools (bingo, fun quiz & colouring sheets), parent handouts, evaluations, certificate & 4 lessons plans.

What to expect

for Step 4:


You're going to have intensive training on how to use all the elements in the toolkit.

Plus the marketing materials and guidance so you can successfully launch your class to teach parents the wonders of the infant microbiome!

Why Join?

>>> ONE-STOP-SHOP programme enabling you to teach parents within weeks!

>>> Developed with leading University
professors who are experts in their field.

>>> Includes ready-made evidence-based toolkit & full training.

>>> Includes badge for your website
& directory listing.

Brilliant reaction from 80 Beta-Testers!

Over 80 doulas, childbirth educators, midwives and lactation experts from around the world have been Beta-Testing our tools and resources over the past 6 months.

We'll be launching the programme with a BIG SPLASH early in 2022 so if you join now, you can take advantage of the special Early-bird discounted price - and you can participate in the last stage of Beta-Testing!

Here's what Monica, a doula from Germany, thinks of being part of the Microbiome Baby Approved Instructor programme.

Microbiome Foundation Course

5 hour self-guided course


SESSION ONE: About the human microbiome
SESSION TWO: Pregnancy and the microbiome
SESSION THREE: Vaginal birth and the microbiome
SESSION FOUR: C-section and the microbiome
SESSION FIVE: Breastfeeding and the microbiome

Approved for:


Accepted by ACM, ACNM, MEAC, NMC, CAPPA, Lamaze International, DONA International, ICEA and more

Featuring 11 top University Professors


Professor of Medicine and Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, and Henry Rutgers Chair of the Human Microbiome at Rutgers University


Henry Rutgers Professor of Microbiome and Health, Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology, and of Anthropology, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey


Emeritus Professor of Immunotoxicology, Cornell University and author The Human Superorganism

Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of Alberta


Professor of Surgery, Microbiology & Immunology, University of Western Ontario, Director of the Canadian Centre for Human Microbiome and Probiotic Research, Lawson Health Research Institute

Vernice D Ferguson Professor in Heath Equity, New York University

Executive Director of the Kinsey Institute and Rudy Professor of Biology at Indiana University
Associate Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago
Visiting Professor of Midwifery, King’s College London
Professor of Midwifery, Western Sydney University
Emeritus Professor of Obstetrics, Imperial College London

PLUS 2 Lactation Experts


IBCLC, Author, International Breastfeeding Speaker


Author of Milk Matters: Infant Feeding and Immune Disorder


Approved Educator


What is in the Toolkit?

1 x 15 minute 15 MIN PLUG & PLAY VIDEO
18 x Info Sheets
(with full scientific references)
2 x Classroom Slidedecks
3 x Animated explainer videos
2 x Infographics
3 x Parent Handouts
3 x Parent Engagement Tools
1 Certificate of Attendance (for parents)
1 x Evaluation (for parents)
4 x Lesson Plans
(50-60 mins, 30-40 mins, 20 mins)
& Lesson Plan for "retreat" style workshop of 3 x 60 mins sessions

To be inclusive, most of the tools are available in two language versions.

One version of the tools uses more female-centred language (referring to woman / mother / she / her and breastfeeding).

An alternative uses more gender-neutral language (referring to expectant person / birth parent / they and chest/breastfeeding).


Click HERE for a sneak peek inside the Toolkit.

Or click this link:


Programme Perks:


Covers C-section and vaginal birth - so information would be helpful for all birthing situations


Access to a private community just for MICROBIRTH Approved Educators


You won't be alone = you'll be able to take part in
bi-monthly Zoom get-togethers and extra trainings


Full support and priority email access to
Toni Harman, the creator of the MICROBIRTH Approved Educator programme


Includes full set of done-for-you marketing materials, graphics, swipe copy and full training on how to use the tools


Includes badge for your website and directory listing

MICROBIRTH Approved Educators

What are the benefits for YOU?

Pricing Options to join now

Includes access to the Microbiome Foundation Course, Assessment, Toolkit, Full Training, Marketing Materials, License, Badge and Website Listing. You can cancel anytime.

When could you teach the science to expectant parents?

Option 1. You could include it in your parent education class.

Option 2. You could include it when talking about breastfeeding.

Option 3 (new and exciting!): Or you could set up a standalone class for parents EARLY in pregnancy


This could be a powerful & EASY way

to attract new clients


With an infant microbiome class

held EARLY in pregnancy


YOU can meet and personally connect with
expectant parents AT AN EARLIER STAGE.


The information has a longer time to "sink in" - EMPOWERING PARENTS to make more fully informed decisions later in pregnancy.


By meeting parents early in pregnancy, YOU could be meeting future clients AHEAD of your competitors.


YOU would be FIRST IN LINE when the parent is choosing a doula, educator, midwife, lactation expert or other professional LATER in their pregnancy.


= YOU can attract MORE clients earlier
= YOU can have MORE clients later
= YOU can generate MORE revenue
= YOU can become MORE sustainable
= YOU can help MORE people


You might have some questions - so we have the answers for you!

If your question isn't answered below, do send me a message via the CONTACT FORM




Who is this programme for?
Parent educators and health professionals who want to teach parents including: antenatal teachers, childbirth educators, lactation educators, doctors, midwives, doulas, lactation consultants, hypnobirth instructors, breastfeeding counsellors, health practitioners and other health professionals.



Can I use these tools to teach other health professionals?
Yes, but......These tools offer a very SIMPLE basic-level understanding of the infant microbiome. The level of science is TOO BASIC if health professionals are going to be supporting parents in their birth and infant feeding choices. All health professionals would ideally need a MUCH DEEPER UNDERSTANDING of this science.

We recommend health professionals either take the MICROBIRTH Approved Educator programme themselves, or take one of our other full-length courses: https://microbirth.teachable.com



How much can I save with the Early Bird pricing?
We will be officially launching the MICROBIRTH APPROVED EDUCATOR programme later in 2023 with a big splash - so if you join now, you can take advantage of the special discounted Early Bird pricing. We haven't finalised the launch price, but it will be significantly more than the Early Bird price. If you join now, not only will you be saving money, but also once you have qualified as an Approved Educator (by passing the Assessment) you can start teaching the MICROBIRTH Class curriculum straight away, even before the big launch.



When to offer a MICROBIRTH Approved Educator class?
The flexible format means you can "slot" this teaching into your own existing parent childbirth education class in the 3rd trimester, or teach it as a stand-alone training ideally EARLY IN PREGNANCY (1st or 2nd trimester).

If you teach the science of the infant microbiome EARLY, you can help expectant parents make more empowered informed choices later in pregnancy, especially decisions around their birth (either vaginal birth or C-section), and how to feed their baby.

You can use an MICROBIRTH class EARLY IN PREGNANCY to form a close personal connection with parents early on (ahead of other educators), so you become the first choice LATER in pregnancy - for example, when parents are choosing their childbirth educator, doula, hypnobirth instructor, midwife, doctor, lactation expert etc.



Why a LIVE class ideally?
In a LIVE class, you can answer questions immediately, with confidence, with accuracy, supported by evidence-based research. This will help quickly alleviate any worries or concerns.


Can I copy the materials?
No. All our materials, resources and Teaching Tools are copyright protected. You can use our Teaching Tools to teach your own classes or in 1-to-1 consultations under the terms of the license agreement, but you cannot duplicate, edit, sell on, or "rip-off" our resources, or share with an organisation/instititution or group. We take our copyright very seriously and we reserve the right to take action against those who breach our copyright.


Can I use these materials on my own website or use as a "lead capture"?
No. You cannot use any of the Teaching Tools on your own website as a "lead capture" to bring in potential clients or capture email addresses. These materials are intended to be used to teach your own live classes or in 1-to-1 consultations.


Can I use these materials in my own online course?
No. You are only licensed to use these materials within a live class or in 1:1 consultations.

If you are hosting your live class online, and someone is unable to attend your live class, the recording of the live class can be made available to those enrolled in your live class for 72 hours only.

None of the materials in the Toolkit can be made permanently available online (for free or available for purchase) as part of a digital online course or recorded workshop.


Can I use these materials for Institutional Use, for example, to teach classes at University?
You DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION to use these materials for Institutional Use. They CANNOT be used to teach within a University, School or other Institution.

These tools teach a very simple BASIC-LEVEL introduction. This level is NOT ENOUGH to teach healthcare professionals who are supporting pregnant or new parents, or for example Midwifery students studying at a University.
Ideally, we recommend ALL health professionals and all University students to take one of our full-length Microbiome Courses (especially if they support pregnant or new parents) or to become a MICROBIRTH Approved Educator themselves!


Can my organisation use these resources?
These resources are for INDIVIDUAL use only, by one person in a class (either online or in real-life).

One subscripton = one license = one person.

Please contact us to discuss a license to use these resources by an organisation or an institution, or for group use. https://microbirth.com/contact-us/


Can parents become MICROBIRTH Approved Educators?
Yes, although this content is primarily aimed at health professionals. Please be aware that the information provided within the resources and Toolkit is for general information only. We cannot give advice relating to specific medical matters. If you have any concerns about your own or your baby's health, please consult your health care provider.



How much could I earn?
What you charge for your classes, how many hours you choose to work and how many parents you teach will determine how much you earn. Obviously, the more people you teach, or the higher prices you charge, the more you could earn.

This is new science, and you will be amongst the very first in the world to teach this critical cutting-edge science to parents. What you make of this opportunity is up to you.

If you already offer parent educational classes, you could potentially charge more for your classes by including the Microbiome Baby Approved Instructor curriculum!



What is the recommended price I charge per class?
The recommended price to charge for a MICROBIRTH
LIVE class is USD $30-$60 per person per 90 minute class. If you had 10 people in a class, that would earn you USD $300-$600 per class. All the money you make per class woudl go to you.


Earnings Disclaimer:

There are no guarantees. As with any business, how much money an individual can earn through teaching the MICROBIRTH
curriculum will depend on your own experience, dedication, capacity and desire. If you choose to join this programme, you accept the risk that the earnings and income differ by indivudal. You also accept that there are no guarantees of individual success.

As a MICROBIRTH Approved Educator, you will be licensed to use our curriculum in your classes. However, you would be working as an independent educator for your own business. As you will be your own boss, you will be responsible for your own insurance, taxes and expenses.



Can I share my tools with other health professionals?
No. These tools are for the use of ONE PERSON ONLY.

One purchase = one individual = one license

Contact us to ask about GROUP DISCOUNTS for organisations, institutions or small groups of people!

CONTACT US - using the contact form on the MICROBIRTH website:



How do I use the toolkit?
All the tools are fully downloadable. They are licensed and ready to use in LIVE real-life or online classes. And you are given FULL TRAINING on how to use the tools. Your class can be recorded and made available for a set time (e.g. 72 hours) for those who missed your class - but ideally you would still incorporate a live Q&A element to answer parent questions.

Once someone has passed the MICROBIRTH APPROVED EDUCATOR ASSESSMENT - they are able to download and use the tools. The tools include classroom slideshows, short explain animation videos, a full set of fact-based info sheets, infographics, fun engagement tools and parent handouts, including Certificates of Attendance , plus bonus 15 minute "plug and play" video.



If you are not satisfied for any reason, we offer a 14 day full money-back guarantee.

To cancel within 14 days after purchase, simply contact us.

Once cancelled, your license will be terminated. You will not be able to use any of the MICROBIRTH curriculum. Any downloaded tools or materials will then need to be deleted or destroyed.



Will the pricing stay the same for the second year?
After the first year, we will offer you (at least) a 50% discount for you to renew on the Annual Plan for a second year, and for subsequent years. This is a kind of annual membership renewal fee, so as long as you stay subscribed by paying the annual membership renewal fee, you will be able to use the Toolkit and will enjoy all the other benefits from being part of the programme. This 50% second year discount will only be available on the Annual Plan (not the Monthly Plan).


Any more questions?

CONTACT US - using the contact form on the MICROBIRTH website:


In summary, why should I become a MICROBIRTH Approved Eduactor?
By becoming a MICROBIRTH
Approved Educator, you will be helping to prepare and empower parents-to-be for ther birth and infant feeding choices.

With this knowledge, you could be helping transform the health of the next generation.

I hope you decide to join us.

Toni Harman, Founder,

MICROBIRTH Approved Educator programme

Pricing Options to join now

Includes access to the Microbiome Foundation Course, Assessment, Toolkit, Full Training, Marketing Materials, License, Badge and Website Listing. You can cancel at anytime.