Attn: Health professionals, doctors, midwives, RNs, lactation experts, educators and doulas...

Join us on a powerful mission to bring the science of the infant microbiome to maternity care to improve health outcomes.




➡️ What?

A 3-day LIVE virtual conference on the science of the infant microbiome

➡️ When?

Pre-conference Showcase Day:
Fri 23rd Feb

Main conference:
Sat 24th Feb 2024
Sun 25th Feb 2024
9am-5.30pm US Pacific Time

➡️ Where?

No travel needed.
Participate from anywhere!

The Microbiome: Pregnancy, Birth & Breastfeeding

Global Virtual Conference
Feb 24-25 2024

Learn from world-leading experts about how YOU can support parents during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding to benefit the long-term health of children.

➡️ 25 World

Class Speakers

Featuring world-leading scientists, academics, obstetricians, midwives, pediatricians, hospital leaders, educators and other maternity "thought-leaders" and experts.

The conference is hosted by the filmmakers behind MICROBIRTH: Toni Harman and Alex Wakeford.


Conference Attendees

3,000 FREE conference tickets were available but have now all been snapped up - but you can still attend by purchasing a REPLAY TICKET for USD $47 (reduced from $247)

The replays offer discussion threads giving you opportunities to connect with birth and breastfeeding professionals from around the world.

➡️ 12 Hours Of Learning!

Learn the latest science from some of the world's top scientists, neuroscientists and maternity leaders!

The Microbiome:

Pregnancy, Birth & Breastfeeding

Global Virtual Conference - Feb 24-25 2024


REPLAYS AVAILAVBLE for the international virtual conference for maternity health professionals.


2 Main Conference (Speaker Days):

Sat 24 Feb 2024 9-5.30pm (US Pacific Time)
Sun 25 Feb 2024 9-5.30pm (US Pacific Time)


Featuring 25 world-leading scientists, academics, midwives, doctors, breastfeeding experts and maternity leaders.


How and why the science of the infant microbiome can be applied to maternity care, to improve health outcomes.
MOST IMPORTANTLY, how YOU can play a part!


Childbirth educators, doulas, midwives, nurses, doctors, lactation experts and other maternity professionals.


Virtual. No travel needed.


This event is independently funded, and hosted, by the filmmakers behind MICROBIRTH.


We are looking to partner with ethical educational and commercial sponsors.
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Summary Of The Event

A virtual international conference about the infant microbiome hosted by Toni Harman and Alex Wakeford, the makers of the award-winning documentary MICROBIRTH.
Featuring top microbiome scientists, academics and maternity leaders - and attended by over 3,000 health professionals.

THE MICROBIRTH PLAN virtual conference was held over 3 days (pre-conference Showcase Day in the Exhibit Hall on 23rd February)
Followed by the Main Conference on 24 + 25 February 2024

Main questions?

➡️ Cost?

It's paramount that everybody knows about the infant microbiome - NOW! That's why we offered 3,000 free tickets to attend the conference live - but they've now gone.


➡️ Can't attend live?

We don't want you to miss out on the learning. You can purchase a PREMIUM TICKET
with on-demand replays, CPD/CE credits, transcripts, audio recordings + more!

➡️ Hosts?

This conference is being independently funded by Toni Harman and Alex Wakeford, the filmmakers behind MICROBIRTH. We have no affiliations with any other organisation (apart from carefully chosen and ethical sponsors who partner with us for this conference). We are funding this virtual conference ourselves as we are so passionate about spreading awareness of the microbiome.


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to purchase a PREMIUM ticket for USD $97

(CPD/CE + Transcripts available from 14th March 2024)

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to purchase a REPLAY ticket for USD $47


Who are the speakers?

Anastasia Theodosiou

Infectious Diseases and Microbiology Registrar (MD); MRC Clinical Research Fellow, University of Southampton

Title of Presentation:
Microbiotoxicity: Risks Of Harm To The Early Life Microbiome, And What We Can Do About It

Rodney Dietert

Emeritus Professor,
Cornell University

Title of Presentation:
Role Of The Infant Microbiome In Health, Longevity, And Conscious Living

Amber Price

President & CEO,
Sentara Williamsburg
Regional Medical Center

Title of Presentation:
A Roadmap For Integrating The Microbiome Into Respectful Maternity Care

Nils Bergman

Neuroscientist and Public Health Physician

Title of Presentation:
Immediate Kangaroo Mother Care: The Evidence

Jill Bergman

Kangaroo Mother Care

Title of Presentation:
Immediate Kangaroo Mother Care: The Practice

Brittany Howell

Assistant Professor,
Virginia Tech

Title of Presentation:
How Milk Shapes The Brain

Debby Bogaert

MD, Professor and Chair of Paediatric Medicine, University of Edinburgh

Title of Presentation:
Mother-To-Infant Microbe Seeding; More Than Meets The Eye

Philip Steer

Emeritus Professor, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Imperial College London

Title of Presentation:
Can We Replicate The Benefits Of Vaginal Birth For The Baby At C-Section?

Lindsay Hall

Chair of Microbiome Research, Institute of Microbiology and Infection at the University of Birmingham

Title of Presentation:
Populating Preterms With Probiotics

Suchitra Hourigan

MD and Investigator, Chief, Clinical Microbiome Unit (CMU), National Institutes of Health

Title of Presentation:
Can Maternal-Child Microbial Seeding Interventions Improve The Health Of infants Born by C-Section?

Katri Korpela

University of Helsinki

Title of Presentation:
Infant Gut Microbiota Restoration - Why, When, and How

Jennifer Smilowitz

Assistant Professor of Cooperative Extension in Nutrition and Health Equity in the Department of Nutrition at University of California Davis

Title of Presentation:
Human Milk 101: The Composition Of Human Milk Vs Infant Formula

Martina Donaghy

Senior Midwifery Lecturer,
Anglia Ruskin University

Title of Presentation:
Responsive Breastfeeding: Why It Matters To Healthy Development

Michelle Irving

Lecturer in Midwifery,
Bournemouth University

Title of Presentation:
The First 24 Hours After birth: An Opportunity To Support And Promote The Infant Microbiome

Melanie Wattles

RN, CIMI, CPMT, Owner Babystrokes Infant Child Massage Instruction

Title of Presentation:
How Infant Massage Can Help Support The Infant Microbiome

Liz McGregor

Nutritional Therapist, Naturopath and Wellbeing Coach

Title of Presentation:
Maternal Nutrition:
Building Babies' Brains

Dee Bell

IBCLC, Registered Midwife, Founder, Infant Feeding Academy

Title of Presentation:
Insights From The Field: Transformative Strategies In Lactation Support

Maranda Bower

Owner and Founder of Postpartum University

Title of Presentation:
The Truth About Postpartum Nutrition

Mark Webber

Professor and Research Leader/Principal Investigator, Norwich Medical School

Title of Presentation:
How Do Antiseptics Impact The Skin Microbiome?

Iliana Rosa Serghiou

Microbiology Researcher

Title of Presentation:
The Evolutionary Trail Of The Infant Skin Microbiome

Miqdad Dhariwala

Dermatology Researcher,
Ohio State University

Title of Presentation:
The Skin Microbiome: Commensal Tuning Of Immune Function In Neonatal Barrier Tissues

Michael Heffernan

Dentist and Clinical Lecturer,

Title of Presentation:
How Does The Maternal Oral Microbiome Protect And Influence Their Infant?

Graham Phillips

A Pharmacist (Who Gave Up Drugs!)

Title of Presentation:
Pharmacy And The Microbiome

Leila Baker

Doula and Team Leader, Doula UK,

Title of Presentation:
How Traditional Cultural Practices Influence The Microbiome

Who are the hosts?

Toni Harman

Filmmaker, Host, The Microbirth Plan 2024

Title of Presentation:
What Is The Microbirth Plan?

Alex Wakeford

Filmmaker, Host, The Microbirth Plan 2024 Conference

Title of Presentation:
The Microbirth Plan: Not Just A Plan For The First 1,000 Days

What is the replay schedule?



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to purchase a PREMIUM ticket for USD $97

(CPD/CE + Transcripts available from 14th March 2024)

Click > HERE <

to purchase a REPLAY ticket for USD $47


Why are we hosting this conference?

Our Story

We are Toni Harman and Alex Wakeford, filmmakers and parents. In our daughter's birth by emergency C-section, we felt uninformed, unsupported and disempowered. We don't want other parents to feel this way.

In 2014, we launched the film MICROBIRTH with over 1,000 public screenings in 50 countries, but it didn't lead to the changes we were hoping for, so we decided it's time to make a bigger splash.

It started in April 2023 with our first conference, and now we are following up with this second conference.

We believe the infant microbiome needs to be integrated into maternity care. We are passionate about helping the global community of health professionals to align with the science, to benefit the health of the next generation. This second conference sets the scene for other BIG things we have planned for 2024....

The Microbirth Plan:

We want to make 2024 The Year Of The Infant Microbiome!

Our Mission

We invite everyone from across all maternity health professions, and from across all pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding organisations.

In this conference, we will explore why/how to bring the science of the microbiome to parents to empower full informed choice.
This is THE MICROBIRTH PLAN. By coming together as a global community, as one voice calling for change, we can make a difference.
We sincerely hope you decide to join us.

Toni and Alex

Across the birth and breastfeeding world.... Let's get connected.

Let's all be part of an ambitious plan.

Join us to bring the science of the microbiome to maternity care.

This knowledge can help improve the long-term health of our children.

What did the conference look and feel like?

Watch this quick video (from our 2023 conference) - which shows you the immersive 3-D platform we used in 2024!

On 23rd February 2024, once you log into the special conference platform...

You'll be entering an amazing 3-D virtual world.

Step through the doors, and you'll have a choice of 3 rooms to enter - the Exhibit Hall (to visit the virtual exhibitor booths on the pre-conference Showcase Day), the Auditorium (to watch the LIVE keynote presentations on the main conference days) and the Lounge (for networking)

The conference exterior

The virtual auditorium

The virtual lobby

What did people think of

the last virtual conference in April 2023?

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Our Conference offers lots of innovative ways to connect with attendees.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Who is hosting this conference?
A. This conference is hosted by Alto Films Ltd, the content creation company owned by Toni Harman and Alex Wakeford. Toni and Alex are the filmmakers behind the award-winning documentary MICROBIRTH. Toni and Alex, and their company Alto Films Ltd, are completely independent. We have no affiliations with, and receive no income from, any other organisation or company.

Q. What CE/CPD credits can I get by attending?
A. FOR PREMIUM TICKETS ONLY (AVAILABLE ON THIS LINK) The organisers have applied for 12 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or Continuing Education credits for midwives, childbirth educators and doulas.

FOR PREMIUM TICKETS ONLY (AVAILABLE ON THIS LINK): Contact Hours and CPD credits will be available to be claimed from 14th March 2024.

MEAC – 12 Midwifery CEUs (Pending Approval)

ACM – 12 CPD Endorsed Hours (Pending Approval)

NMC - Accepted as 12 CPD Hours by NMC (Pending Approval)

BirthWorks International – 12 Contact Hours (Pending Approval)

ICEA – 12 Contact Hours (Pending Approval)

Lamaze International – 12 Contact Hours (Pending Approval)

DONA International - 12 Contact Hours (Pending Approval)

CAPPA – 12 Contact Hours (Pending Approval)

Q. When/how can I claim the CPD/CE credits?
Contact Hours and CPD credits will be available to be claimed for ONE YEAR from 14th March 2024 (approx two weeks after the live conference ends)

FOR PREMIUM TICKET HOLDERS ONLY (AVAILABLE ON THIS LINK): To claim your CPD/CE credits, you will need to:
  • Watch all presentations - either live during the conference or the recordings which will be available on the Teachable site:
  • You have to complete the post-session graded test for each session presentation (available on the Teachable site:
  • You need to score over 70% in each presentation graded multiple choice test to prove an understanding of the topic discussed.
  • All student records may be requested by accrediting organisations to show you have watched all sessions, and completed all the post-session graded tests.
  • You need to download the certificate - which will be available from 14th March 2024.

Q. How soon will the recorded speaker sessions be available on-demand?
A. Replays are available now!

Q. Can I sponsor this event?
Absolutely! We are looking for individuals and organisations connected to the birth world who are looking to sponsor this event. We offer tiered pricing to suit all budgets.

Prices start from USD $250 for the SWAG BAG (digital product, a digital sample or flyer) to be distributed to all attendees.

Platinum and Gold level sponsors have a virtual booth in the Exhibit Hall plus other branding opportunities.

For our sponsor pack, click HERE.
To find our sponsor prices, please contact: Toni Harman, Producer/ Director, MICROBIRTH contact us here

Q. Do I need to install any special software?
NO. You do not need to download or install any software to participate in our conference. You only need to have access to the Internet.

Q. What if I have another question?
A. For any other questions or nquiries, contact: Toni Harman, Producer/ Director, MICROBIRTH contact us here