Who are the conference speakers?

Anastasia Theodosiou

MD and Infectious Diseases and Microbiology Doctor, Clinical Researcher, University of Edinburgh

Title of Presentation:
Microbiotoxicity: Risks Of Harm To The Early Life Microbiome, And What We Can Do About It

Rodney Dietert

Emeritus Professor,
Cornell University

Title of Presentation:
Role Of The Infant Microbiome In Health, Longevity, And Conscious Living

Amber Price

President & CEO,
Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center

Title of Presentation:
A Roadmap For Integrating The Microbiome Into Respectful Maternity Care

Nils Bergman

Neuroscientist and Public Health Physician

Title of Presentation:
Immediate Kangaroo Mother Care: The Evidence

Jill Bergman

Kangaroo Mother Care

Title of Presentation:
Immediate Kangaroo Mother Care: The Practice

Brittany Howell

Assistant Professor,
Virginia Tech

Title of Presentation:
How Milk Shapes The Brain

Suchitra Hourigan

MD and Investigator, Chief, Clinical Microbiome Unit (CMU), National Institutes of Health

Title of Presentation:
Can Maternal-Child Microbial Seeding Interventions Improve The Health Of infants Born by C-Section?

Katri Korpela

University of Helsinki

Title of Presentation:
Infant Gut Microbiota Restoration - Why, When, and How

Jennifer Smilowitz

Assistant Professor of Cooperative Extension in Nutrition and Health Equity in the Department of Nutrition at University of California Davis

Title of Presentation:
Human Milk 101: The Composition Of Human Milk Vs Infant Formula

Debby Bogaert

MD, Professor and Chair of Paediatric Medicine, University of Edinburgh

Title of Presentation:
Mother-To-Infant Microbe Seeding; More Than Meets The Eye

Philip Steer

Emeritus Professor, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Imperial College London

Title of Presentation:
Can We Replicate The Benefits Of Vaginal Birth For The Baby At C-Section?

Lindsay Hall

Chair of Microbiome Research, Institute of Microbiology and Infection at the University of Birmingham

Title of Presentation:
Populating Preterms With Probiotics

Martina Donaghy

Senior Midwifery Lecturer, Anglia Ruskin University

Title of Presentation:
Responsive Breastfeeding: Why It Matters To Healthy Development

Michelle Irving

Lecturer in Midwifery,
Bournemouth University

Title of Presentation:
The First 24 Hours After birth: An Opportunity To Support And Promote The Infant Microbiome

Melanie Wattles

RN, CIMI, CPMT, Owner Babystrokes Infant Child Massage Instruction

Title of Presentation:
How Infant Massage Can Help Support The Infant Microbiome

Liz McGregor

Nutritional Therapist, Naturopath
and Wellbeing Coach

Title of Presentation:
Maternal Nutrition:
Building Babies' Brains

Dee Bell

IBCLC, Registered Midwife, Founder, Infant Feeding Academy

Title of Presentation:
Insights From The Field: Transformative Strategies In Lactation Support

Maranda Bower

Owner and Founder of Postpartum University

Title of Presentation:
The Truth About Postpartum Nutrition

Mark Webber

Professor and Research Leader/Principal Investigator, Norwich Medical School

Title of Presentation:
How Do Antiseptics Impact The Skin Microbiome?

Iliana Rosa Serghiou

Microbiology Researcher

Title of Presentation:
An Update On The Current Understanding Of The Infant Skin Microbiome

Miqdad Dhariwala

Dermatology Researcher,
Ohio State University

Title of Presentation:
The Skin Microbiome: Commensal Tuning Of Immune Function In Neonatal Barrier Tissues

Michael Heffernan

Dentist and Clinical Lecturer,

Title of Presentation:
How Does The Maternal Oral Microbiome Protect And Influence Their Infant?

Graham Phillips

A Pharmacist
(who gave up drugs!)

Title of Presentation:
Pharmacy And The Microbiome

Leila Baker

Doula and Team Leader, Doula UK,

Title of Presentation:
How Traditional Cultural Practices Influence The Microbiome

Who are the hosts?

Toni Harman

Filmmaker, Host, The Microbirth Plan 2024 Conference

Title of Presentation:
What Is The Microbirth Plan?

Alex Wakeford

Filmmaker, Host, The Microbirth Plan 2024 Conference

Title of Presentation:
The Microbirth Plan: Not Just A Plan For The First 1,000 Days




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